Who are the real victims of hacking?

Is it really a best practice?

Will we ever reach a point in computing history where hackers no longer have the upper hand, where organizations can operate safely on the internet, and where people no longer have to worry about their online safety? The answer is dependent on our willingness to make tough decisions about changing the way we perceive cyber security.

We need to shift our perspective away from outdated “best practice” security methods that many organizations have in place, and implement simpler and more streamlined practices that have the potential to provide a much greater degree of security. It all starts with getting the right policies in place.

Take a few minutes to watch this video about the real victims of hacking and then ask yourself if you are ready to shift your perspectives towards a simpler and more effective level of cyber security.

Another day, another password leak. Sadly, there are easy #cybersecurity ways to keep this from happening.

Why security fails

If current security methods are so good, why do hackers keep gaining access?

How LRI can help you

We have the advice you need to get you started on the right track or transition to stronger security.

Policies you can rely on

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