Expert Consulting Advice

If you ask a group of cyber security experts how to secure a network, your are likely going to receive a long list of answers that may confuse you more than help. I have found, through many years of experience in this field, that there are a few common elements hackers target and a few simple ways you can take your network off of their potential target list. I would love to share those ideas with you and provide advice on any other cyber security issue you are currently facing.

Many consultants, or consulting firms, want you to sign contracts, pay retainer fees, or levy other similar requirements into your business relationship. We keep it simple: pay for the consulting hours you need up front and schedule time to talk whenever you need expert cyber security advice. No contracts. No gimmicks. No long term commitments. Here’s what you have access to when you buy any amount of our consulting time:

  • An outsider’s objective perspective that is not based on other employee opinions
  • Advice from an expert in the field without paying a full-time salary
  • 2+ decades of experience investigating hacking incidents, training cyber operators, and developing security solutions
  • Out of the box thinking that can provide solutions you haven’t considered

We also keep our costs low to make it easier for you to get the advice you need. It’s common to pay $1,000/hour or more for an expert in any industry, but we have reduced that cost dramatically, and reduce it further when you purchase a multi-hour package. You can also get 1 hour of free consulting when you purchase our top-tier policy package. Purchase what you need now and gain access to expertise you are missing, advice others in your organization cannot give, or confirmation of the direction you need to go.

10% of all purchases will be donated to help impoverished residents of Southeast Washington D.C. attain employment, start businesses, and eliminate generational cycles of poverty in their lives.